Spout coffee: The best coffee in Pretoria

Until recent years it has been quite difficult to find a well brewed cup of coffee in Pretoria, let’s be honest. Joburg’s coffee culture has grown steadily in the last 10 years, and I would say it is inexcusable if you get served a bad cuppa these days. There are just so  many good ones. Just check out the 2summers blog for many a review.
Beautiful latte art at Spout. God bless the barista.
But Pretoria seemed to still be stuck in the days when a weak coffee with a twirl of whipped cream was considered a cappuccino. That has started to changed, I am happy to say. I have had wonderful coffee at places like Lucky Bread, Aroma, and Alfies.
I didn’t get a good shot so this photo is from the Spout Facebook page
I think I have a favourite though. Spout Coffee Company is a coffee shop made of two recycled shipping containers, the first in Pretoria they say. It is situated in the new Pretoria foodie hotspot, The Village, Hazelwood, sharing 16th street with other great finds like the afore mentioned Alfies.  Apart from the fact that the structure is beautiful in itself, the coffee and baked goods are pure works of art.
It was not the first time I enjoyed a perfectly brewed coffee at Spout, but it was the first time that we indulged in a freshly baked cinnamon, chocolate, nut brioche. Nothing cures a hangover faster than amazing coffee and buttery pastry. I could sing the brioche’s praises all day, I mean, just look at it.
The Brioche
Be warned. It is a small owner run shop, particularly busy on weekends. So go early to avoid disappointment.
Spout’s Facebook bio reads “To brew something perfectly and flawlessly – For love, for friendship, for art, for life itself – Quite simply….spout coffee.”  Don’t take their, or my word for it, go see for yourself.
Cnr 16th street & Firwood ave
Pretoria, South Africa
Frenzy in the kitchen | Glorious pastries in the morning sun

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